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Zoe Leeson – Manager and Therapist

Hello I’m Zoe, I have worked here at The Olive Tree since day one, six years ago and am now super proud to be the manager.

I especially love working my magic  – helping you to relax with a soothing massage or body treatment. However, if I’m not upstairs pummelling bodies, you’ll find me downstairs helping our lovely clients in reception.

Working at The Olive Tree is like being part of a family and feels like a second home.

I look forward to seeing you soon and welcoming you into our home.

Zoe x


Katherine Smith – Head of Lasting Impressions

Hi I’m Katherine, I have worked here for over two years now.  I covered reception on Saturdays whilst studying for my A levels in Biology, Geography and Psychology.

I am 19 now and attend the University of York as I would like become a teacher.

I may have left The Olive Tree but I’m never forgotten. I return to reception in the holidays and thoroughly enjoy catching up with our lovely clients and the rest of the team.  I also return for the fun Christmas celebrations and other events throughout the year.  There is always something exciting happening here in the salon.

My job is to make you smile – and I do my very best to make you all happy during your visits here.

Please do feel free to arrive a little earlier than your appointment and allow time to have a nice chat. I’m always available to put the kettle on!

See you soon.

Katherine x


Holly – Head of Musical Harmony

Hello I’m Holly, I have worked here since September 2016 and I am lucky enough to meet you lovely clients on Saturdays.

I am 16 years old and am currently studying for my GCSEs.

I have played the cello since I was 7 years old and am proud to be a member of the East Riding Youth Orchestra.  I love music, that is why you may hear me humming music all the time around the salon.

My mum is the boss, so sometimes it can get a little stressful as she is very strict and insists on everything being ‘just right’!

I have embraced this opportunity as it has given me independence – it’s a great experience working in such a busy environment which I’m sure will help me in later life.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Holly x

Amanda Ludlam – Salon Owner, Head of Exciting Stuff and Therapist

I am extremely proud to be a member of our team.  I am the luckiest salon owner ever, my team are all absolutely brilliant at what they do.  They are passionate, enthusiastic, loyal and they thoroughly enjoy meeting you lovely people day in day out.

The Olive Tree will have been in business for six years this September and every single year it gets better and better.

I am a huge believer in excellent customer service and focusing on being in the PEOPLE business as opposed to just being in the beauty business.  People are what we are all about here; we build relationships, we share really good times, challenging times and very sad times with our clients and are always here to listen!

My standards of staff training are the highest possible.  I expect nothing less than 100% professionalism at all times.

My team never ever carry out any treatments on clients until they are fully qualified and totally competent in their abilities.  Please be aware that on certain occasions for medical reasons we may be unable to carry out your treatments until professional medical permission has been given to us.   This is always discussed during our detailed consultation prior to your treatment as part of our responsibility is public safety.

So, come and meet my team and let us help you enjoy your experience here at The Olive Tree.

Amanda x